About Lynn’s Yoga for Fertility Classes

These gentle yoga for fertility classes use yoga poses, breathing practices and relaxation techniques to balance the body’s hormonal system, increase energy flow, reduce stress, and nourish the reproductive organs.   The classes are designed to address the mind, body and spirit, in order to optimize your ability to conceive and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

We use specific yoga postures for each phase of your monthly cycle,  to stimulate and tone the reproductive system.  The body’s hormone levels can be regulated by addressing the endocrine and nervous systems through yoga postures, breathing and relaxation practices.   Chronic stress has been shown to adversely affect fertility, and yoga is a well-recognized stress-reducer.  In a recent Harvard-based study, women participating in a yoga and relaxation program increased their chances of pregnancy by almost 3 times.

I developed the curriculum for the Yoga for Fertility classes, starting in 2002, based on my extensive research on yoga and its effects on hormones and the reproductive system.  In class, we also use the book I co-authored with yoga teacher Jill Petigara, of Atlanta, called Yoga and Fertility, A Journey to Health and Healing. In my teaching, I draw on my 30+ years of personal yoga practice, 20+ years of yoga teaching experience, and my past personal challenges with fertility.  I am also a Certified Yoga Therapist, and trained in Energy Medicine Yoga.

The class environment is small, personal and very supportive.  No previous yoga experience is necessary. If you are currently taking a yoga class, it is highly recommended that you attend a session of Yoga for Fertility to learn how to use yoga to support your fertility, and how to adapt poses during various parts of your cycle.

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Testimonials from recent students of Yoga for Fertility classes:

<“I feel like a switch has been flipped since I started regular yoga. I am just more calm and relaxed about everything – not just fertility-related things. Previous to this class, I had only done yoga classes that felt like a workout. Now I see the benefit of doing yoga that helps calm the nervous system. I finally feel that I am off the emotional roller-coaster! I have made a commitment to do some yoga every day, because I really notice the difference.” E.C.K.

“So many things have changed for me since starting these yoga classes! I was able to leave a job that was super stressful, and even though my new job has stress, I feel more able to deal with it. I have stopped ruminating about problems for hours after they happen. I’ve started listening more to what my body needs. And my husband is very supportive of my doing yoga – he even came to the Couple’s Workshop – because he says I am nicer when I do yoga!” G.G. 

“I started doing yoga every day, and it helped me work through the grief of losing my mother recently, followed by a miscarriage shortly after. All my friends told me I was too stressed to get pregnant, and I didn’t really know what they meant. I knew I was under an amazing amount of stress, but I didn’t know how to stop it. Doing yoga every day got me out of my head and helped me to listen to my body, and eventually helped reduce my stress and anxiety. I just started doing 15 minutes a day and following the sample lesson in Lynn’s book. I even started teaching yoga to my co-workers! Despite hearing from several doctors that I had hardly any chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs (because of having an FSH of 48 at one point!) I am now 12 weeks pregnant on a natural cycle, and I know yoga helped me get to this place and has truly changed my outlook and my life.” M.E.