Fertility Coaching

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Do you ever feel like you are navigating unknown territory without a map, while trying to conceive?  Join me for Fertility Coaching, and you will have an experienced guide on your fertility journey.  I can help you ask the right questions, avoid the pitfalls, and identify any obstacles to success.  Fertility challenges are very individual, and I can advise you in making the best decisions for you.  My Fertility Coaching program puts you on the most direct route to success.  I offer comprehensive, holistic, intuitive fertility coaching, based on my work with thousands of women and couples facing fertility challenges.

The goal of Fertility Coaching is to map out a program to maximize your chances of achieving pregnancy. We review all aspects of your fertility history and current status, and then discuss what approaches would best support you in this goal. We will review lifestyle considerations including exercise, diet, complementary and alternative medical programs, career, family history, and other relevant issues which may impact your fertility. (Please note that a fertility coaching session is not a medical consultation, although we can discuss any relevant current, past or planned fertility treatment programs.)  I can help you strategize, come up with key questions for your practitioners, or suggest additional options.

My approach to fertility coaching is based on my broad experience, gained from working with thousands of women and couples with fertility challenges, as well as my own personal experience with fertility issues. I am an expert in identifying underlying issues that may be creating obstacles to conception, and will recommend ways for you to shift these.  You will leave with a program and plan to implement over the next weeks and months. We can build in sessions to check back as often as needed to achieve your goals.

While Fertility Coaching is always beneficial, there are several specific points where I highly recommend signing up for Fertility Coaching:

  1. If you have been following a strategy for some time, or have tried multiple things without positive results;
  2. If you are at a point where you are faced with new choices;
  3. If you are feeling “stuck” and frustrated because you feel that you have not been making progress;
  4.  If you would like to try a change of direction or hear about additional options;
  5. If you feel intuitively that what you are doing now is not the best strategy, or that there are some obstacles that your current strategy is not addressing;
  6. If you would like to make sure you are doing everything possible to ensure success.

Fertility Coaching begins with a detailed Questionnaire, which you will complete prior to our first meeting.  the Questionnaire provides background, and helps us choose which areas to focus on first.  Couples Coaching packages are also available.  My main hours of availability are weekday daytimes, but I also have some weekend or evening times available. Please book early if you require a weekend or evening time slot.

To register for a Fertility Coaching session, please click on the “Register now” link at the top of this page.  If you have questions, please email me at lynn@yogaforfertility.net   or call 206-729-0606. Once I receive your registration, I will contact you to set up a time to meet.