Yoga for Fertility helps prepare your body for a successful conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Trying to conceive?  Join my Yoga for Fertility classes, which are designed for anyone currently trying to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproductive treatments.  Anyone pursuing egg freezing, or otherwise preparing to support a future pregnancy is also welcome.
In a Harvard-based study, women participating in a yoga and relaxation program nearly tripled their chances of becoming pregnant.  Yoga for Fertility works!
In Yoga for Fertility, we choose yoga poses and practices that support fertility physically, mentally and emotionally.  Benefits include improved circulation and energy to the reproductive organs, better regulated hormones, reduced stress levels, and a more positive mindset.  The goal in my classes is for all students to quickly “graduate” to prenatal yoga!

Yoga for Fertility Classes Offered Live Online, On-demand & In-studio

Visit the Class Page to learn more about the weekly class series. Click here to find out about Private Yoga for Fertility Instruction,  Fertility Coaching or Yoga for Fertility Teacher Training. 
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Yoga and Fertility


Yoga and Fertility:
A Journey to Health and Healing
by Lynn Jensen and Jill Petigara

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