Welcome to my Yoga for Fertility blog!   I plan to share information about natural approaches to fertility, late-breaking research, and other items of interest as I come across them.

My big current news is that my book,  Yoga and Fertility, A Journey to Health and Healing, is finally in print and available!    I co-wrote the book with fertility yoga teacher Jill Petigara, who is teaching in Atlanta.   It was a long process, as I guess any book author can tell you.   But it was amazingly smooth, despite Jill and I being on opposite coasts -she was living in Philadelphia until recently.   I felt that the Universe really wanted us to get that book written and out, and definitely felt that guiding and supporting Force during the project.   In the introduction, I talk about how the book project came about, and how the book finally came to fruition.   The chapter outline  had been in the bottom drawer of my desk for almost 5 years, before the writing really got underway.   Once the writing started, though, it seemed fairly easy to just release all the information I have been communicating to my classes over the past 10 years, out of my head and onto my laptop.

Besides yoga routines to do at home, the book contains explanations of how yoga helps to support fertility, and includes other practices such as meditation, visualization, and breathing practices.  It also discusses diet, exercise and lifestyle issues as they relate to fertility.   I hope you will find the book helpful for your home practice, and that it will inspire you to make life changes in support of your fertility.    You can buy the book on my Home Page, or on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble online.   Or ask in your local bookstore!

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