Success Stories

I receive a lot of baby photos!  Scroll down to meet some of my Yoga for Fertility “graduates” and their families.


“I want to thank you so much for all of your guidance. I’ve been doing yoga regularly and practicing balance and finding joy in this journey! I had a strong intuition this cycle was different and my pregnancy test confirmed!! Thank you for creating this program for wanna be mommas, and for being present with compassion, love, and gratitude throughout my journey. I feel so lucky to have gone through this program. Lynn, you are such a blessing!”


Lynn’s Yoga for Fertility was a significant support to me on my fertility journey. When I started Lynn’s classes I had never done yoga before and I was feeling pretty low from my struggles with IVF. Lynn and the class environment she created really shifted my experience for the better and gave me the mental, emotional, and physical support I needed. Lynn is wonderful, understanding, knowledgeable and inclusive of all people trying to get pregnant. I highly recommend trying Yoga for Fertility!!

1st Birthday Party!

Yoga for Fertility Babies and their parents celebrated their first birthdays together at a local park.  This group of moms and babies have been getting together regularly for play dates and early parenting support, after meeting in my Yoga for Fertility classes.  I was honored to be invited to celebrate with them!


“I am a yoga teacher myself and had heard great things about Lynn’s classes and book.  Doing the Yoga for Fertility practices kept me hopeful through my journey, and confident I was giving my body the very best chance to conceive. Lynn’s vast knowledge about fertility and her calm and peaceful spirit were the medicine I needed to stay strong, hopeful, and recover from the disappointments.  My story has a happy ending after the twists and turns, pain and challenges while TTC.  I am grateful to Lynn and Yoga for Fertility for being a much needed and helpful support along the way. “


“Lynn’s Yoga for Fertility class came at the end of many years of holistic healing after two miscarriages. Towards the end of Lynn’s class we conceived twins naturally.  We now have two healthy babies to celebrate!  Lynn holds a soothing, supportive space and takes great care to attend to each person’s needs in her class. Her benevolence gave me a feeling of abundance that was helpful to my spirits!”


“My body & mind are both doing exceptionally well & I contribute a lot of this to my yoga & breathing practice. Thanks for helping teach me the importance & benefits of getting into & sticking with a consistent yoga routine to help stay grounded. We’ve (baby & I) continued to do our daily morning yoga practice. It really has kept me feeling great & strong throughout this pregnancy. After this journey, I now see that it is possible to mend & heal after great loss, & find your wings to fly again. Sending SO much gratitude, Amanda”


“My beautiful baby boy is my success story! Feeling blessed after having waited so long for our miracle child. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey – your yoga class was a beacon of hope during my dark times.”

Jessie, Lauren, and Anna​

“Jessie, Lauren and I have kept in touch and try to meet up as often as we can and we are so thankful for your class and the opportunity to meet each other. We also had the same OB/GYN which was great.  Now, we are swapping newborn care stories and are supporting one another as we navigate this new journey of motherhood. Thank you again so much for your class, support and kind words during our fertility journey.”​


“Our family is a Yoga for Fertility success story!  Thank you for all your support when we had so many challenges.”

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