Fertility Coaching

One-to-One Expert Guidance

Does your fertility journey feel like you are navigating unknown territory without a map? What if you had a guide who could help you avoid the pitfalls, and head you on the most direct route to success?

With an experienced fertility coach at your side, you can be sure that you are asking the right questions and making the best decisions. I offer comprehensive, holistic fertility coaching based on my personal experience with fertility challenges and treatments, as well as my work with thousands of women and couples facing fertility issues.

You want to do everything possible to support your fertility, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming, or maybe you get conflicting advice. Working together, we will create a roadmap tailored specifically for you, so you can focus your energy on the things that will most effectively support you in your goal of a healthy pregnancy.

Choose comprehensive Fertility Coaching or select Fertility Troubleshooting to address a specific question or decision.

Applying 20 Years of Experience

My approach to fertility coaching is based on broad experience over the past 20 years of working with women and couples facing fertility challenges, and my intuitive ability to read the underlying issues.

I see my role as a troubleshooter, helping you identify any factors which may be creating obstacles to conception and a healthy pregnancy. We will discuss the best approach to address these obstacles, and then map out a plan and a strategy to implement it.

This very tailored approach is why the success rate for my Fertility Coaching program is nearly 90%, measured in terms of a successful pregnancy within one year of starting coaching.

Fertility Coaching – What to Expect

The goals of fertility coaching are first, to identify any factors that may be interfering with your ability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy. Then, we will map out a plan to address these issues, maximizing your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy. We start the process with a thorough review of your fertility history and current situation. We will look at a broad range of factors, including general health history and lifestyle considerations such as career, family, stress levels, sleep, mental health, exercise, and diet.

Although a fertility coaching session is not a medical consultation, we can discuss your current fertility treatment program, if relevant. I may be able to help you strategize, come up with key questions for your practitioners, or suggest additional options for consideration, such as complementary approaches.

On this fertility journey, it is invaluable to have expert guidance and holistic support from someone who has personally been down this road, and who has helped many others be successful.   I would love to support you as you work toward your goal of becoming a parent.

Fertility Coaching Program

Before our first meeting, you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire that will help me assess your current fertility situation.

  1. Initial meeting – We will review the questionnaire and dive more deeply into your areas of concern, as well as specific topics that I have identified from your questionnaire. Using the information from this initial meeting, I will prepare a personalized plan for you including recommendations for addressing the factors we have identified.
  2. Second meeting – We will meet to review the recommendations and agree on a realistic plan and timeline for how to implement them. You will leave this session with a clear strategy to shift your fertility journey in a positive way that supports success. Feel free to check back with questions along the way – I am here to support you!
  3. Third meeting – We will review progress, and together decide if updates or revisions are needed. Additional check-in points can be scheduled at this time.

Be prepared for positive change! If you are like most of my clients, you will start to notice major shifts within the first 30 days of implementing our program.

Fertility Troubleshooting

Do you have a specific question regarding your fertility situation? Or are you faced with a decision point where you would like some help evaluating your options? Choose Fertility Troubleshooting to book time with me to discuss a particular fertility-related challenge or question. I would love to make your fertility journey easier!

When to Consider Working with a Fertility Coach

While fertility coaching is always beneficial, there are certain points in your fertility journey where I highly recommend working with a fertility coach:

  1. You have been following a strategy for some time without positive results.
  2. You have tried multiple approaches without success.
  3. You are at a point where you are faced with new information, or need to make new choices.
  4. You feel like a change of direction or trying additional options might be valuable.
  5. You would like to explore more natural approaches to supporting your fertility.
  6. You feel intuitively that what you are doing now is not the best strategy for you, or that there are some obstacles that your current strategy is not addressing.
  7. You would like to consult someone who has a broad perspective, is unbiased, and has no financial interest in which treatment approaches you choose.

Wondering if this program is a good fit for you? Click below if you have questions.

Fertility Coaching Testimonials

Here’s what clients have to say about Lynn’s coaching:

“Thank you again for all your help and guidance on this journey. Every time I look at my daughter, I feel both awed and blessed.” – Rebecca

“Success story! I am feeling so blessed, having waited so long for our miracle child. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey—your yoga class and your coaching sessions were a beacon of hope during my dark times.” – Namratha

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for our conversations and for your advice. We recently started our second round of IVF – I can still hardly believe the results! Results like this make me feel like I maybe could have even done it naturally. Clearly the quality has made an enormous improvement since the round we did before starting to work with you.” – Kelsey

Thanks again for everything, my husband and I both found your coaching very helpful! My daughter is keeping us very busy these days!” – Hwee

“My daughter is about to turn 2—it is crazy how time flies. I know my participation in this program was part of getting here, thinking back to that first session you and I had on trying to work through more mindfulness and self-care in my life!” – Amy

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