Yoga for Healthy Hormones Workshop

Yoga for Healthy Hormones Workshop

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Hatha Yoga Center
4556 University Way NE, Ste. 204
Seattle, WA 98105

What does Yoga have to do with your Hormones? Plenty!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how yoga can be used to support women’s health. We’ll do poses and practices to regulate the hormones that impact our health, as well as our moods. The workshop includes a talk about yoga and hormones, Q&A, and a hormone-balancing yoga practice. Come away with tools and information you can use daily to support your physical and emotional health. This workshop is for women of all ages who are interested in using yoga to help maintain a healthy hormonal balance.

Yoga can be helpful for conditions related to hormonal imbalances, including:

• Insomnia
• Mood swings/irritability
• Thyroid imbalance
• Adrenal depletion
• Low libido
• Fertility issues
• Irregular cycles
• Cramps or low back ache
• Low immune function
• Hormone-related anxiety/depression
• Peri-menopausal / menopausal symptoms
• Hot flashes

Lynn’s Healthy Hormones Workshop was “standing room only” at the  Northwest Yoga Conference. Come find out why!

Instructor: Lynn Jensen, E-RYT, MBA, author of Yoga and Fertility, A Journey to Health and Healing. Lynn has been teaching yoga since 1997 and currently teaches weekly Yoga for Fertility and Yoga for Healthy Hormones classes in Seattle, as well as Yoga for Women classes at Microsoft. She designed and taught the yoga program for a National Institute of Health funded study on Yoga for Menopause. Lynn has presented at the Northwest Yoga Conference and other events, and writes for Seattle Yoga News.

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