Weekly Yoga for Fertility Classes

Available Classes:
Seattle Thursday Evening Class

Yoga for Fertility Weekly Class: Thursdays  7:00-8:15 pm
Where: Hatha Yoga Center, 4556 University Way N.E., #204, Seattle, 98105
Dates: Next Session runs Nov 1-Dec 20 (7 wks, no class 11/22). Bring a yoga mat and a  blanket Pre-registration is required; no drop-ins.
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Seattle Sunday Evening Class
Yoga for Fertility Weekly Class:  Sundays  5:30-6:45 pm
Where: Hatha Yoga Center, 4556 University Way N.E., #204 Seattle, 98105
Dates: Next Session runs Nov 4- Dec 16 (7 wks).
Bring a yoga mat and a  blanket Pre-registration is required; no drop-ins.
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*Note: Class fees are refundable if withdrawal is due to medical reasons, or after the initial session only. Refunds will be less a $25 registration fee, and will be pro-rated.

Testimonials from recent Yoga for Fertility students:

I started doing yoga every day, and it helped me work through the grief of losing my mother in 2014, followed by a miscarriage in 2015.   All my friends told me I was too stressed to get pregnant, and I didn’t really know what they meant. I knew I was under an amazing amount of stress, but I didn’t know how to stop it. Doing yoga every day got me out of my head and helped me to listen to my body, and eventually helped reduce my stress and anxiety. I just started doing 15 minutes a day and following the sample lesson in Lynn’s book….I even started teaching yoga to my co-workers! Despite hearing from several doctors that I had hardly any chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs (because of having an FSH of 48 at one point!) I am now 12 weeks pregnant on a natural cycle, and I know yoga helped me get to this place and has truly changed my outlook and my life.” M.E.

I’ve missed going to your yoga classes these past few months but wanted to share some exciting news…I am 18 weeks pregnant.  After previously undergoing several rounds of IUI’s and IVF cycles, my husband and I decided we needed a break with the New Year. That was when I really started to focus on yoga — attending your classes and doing the home practice. We were preparing for another try with IVF, when we found out we’d be expecting a little one this December!  I have no doubt that your yoga for fertility classes have helped me get to where I am today. The things you have taught me have not only helped with conceiving, but it has also changed my approach to life. It wasn’t until after taking your class that I fully appreciated what it feels like to let go, and to actually relax. I still remember my last class — your “homework” assignment for the week was to be receptive of what the universe has to offer. I often remind myself of that throughout this pregnancy.   I enjoyed attending class…not only for the benefits of yoga, but also for the support, resources and camaraderie. The optimism and compassion I found here really helped me through what was at times an isolating journey. It has been an honor to be part of your class and to practice with a group of beautiful and encouraging women. Thank you for being such a positive part of this journey. I am very grateful for all that you have taught me.” J.W.